AGILE Software Development and TFS 2010

While researching ways to use TFS 2010 with the AGILE method of Software Development, I created a quick but efficient outline that is useful when proposing the process for developer and business use. I also added a few links that could assist new users to Team Foundation Server, with details on how to complete certain task within TFS. It would be great to read suggestions from others that may be using TFS in a different manner to broaden my knowledge base.

The Development outline while working with TFS 2010 is as follows.

  1. User Stories are entered in TFS with Estimates.
  2. Tasks are created and linked to the User Stories.
  3. Test Cases are created in TFS and linked to User Stories.
  4. Bugs are filed and linked to the User Story.
  5. Once all Tasks,Test Cases, and Bugs are completed the User Stories are mark as resolved.
  6. Reports are created to ensure all items are resolved and the Project is complete before release.

Work Items and Workflow (Agile)

Working with User Stories

Working with Tasks

Complete Process with Details on All Reports

Product Planning Workbook (Reports)

MSF for Agile Software Development v5.0

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